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VDA League Ladies Singles/Mens Doubles Results

Wow! Last night was a great night of darts! The turn out was AWESOME! We had 36 men participate in Men's Doubles and and 17 Ladies came out for singles! Whoo hoo! Thank you to all that came out and thank you to the people who volunteered their time to run the shoot!! This was one of the best turnouts in years! Our next league tournament is the turkey shoot blind draw on Tuesday December 12th!

Ladies Singles Results DIV 1

1st Suzie Letrud

2nd Maggie Hoylk

Joint 3rd Ann Macken

Joint 3rd Tammie Tompkins

Ladies Singles Results DIV 2

1st Shannon Meager

2nd Annette Shroeder

Joint 3rd Janet Nilsson

Joint 3rd Michelle Rogers

Mens Doubles Results DIV 1

1st Paul Cox and Kim Eaton

2nd Sean Smyth and Paddy Murray

Joint 3rd Joe Ambrose and Ken Wilson

Joint 3rd Andy Patterson Bruce Adamson

Mens Doubles Results DIV 2

1st Jonathan Herring and Mike Doan

2nd Phil Green and Steve Jackson

Joint 3rd Shane Bruchet Mark Sullivan

Joint 3rd Dwayne Bamber and Craig Philp

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