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League Winter Tournament Winners Mens Singles/Womens Doubles

League Shoot Results Mens Singles Womens Doubles

Thank you to all that came out to play and have fun! It was a successful night with 30 men and 14 women participants! 4 teams received full participation points (5 points) for player attendance Those teams were: Thunderbolts, Digeridoos, Flying Aces, and 142 Shooters! It is great to see teams rally up the troops for the league shoots so a big THANK YOU to all teams that had players show up and make the night a success!


Men's Singles A Division

1st - Sean Smyth of Thunderbolts

2nd - Kim Eaton of Thunderbolts

Joint 3rd - Paul Cox of Thunderbolts and Craig Philp of Flying Aces

Men's Singles B Division

1st - Jonathan Herring of BX A Team

2nd - Jason Beke of The Sharks

Joint 3rd - Orlando Ekkert of The Digeridoos and Steve Baker of Thorny Devils

Women's Doubles (A & B Divisions combined)

1st - Janet Nilsson & Tammy Tompkins of The Flying Aces

2nd - Suzie Letrud and Maggie Holyk of Booze and Arrows

Joint 3rd -

Bobbi-Jo Moore (Thunderbolts) & Linda Bale (49ers)

Janet Cox (Thunderbolts) & Claudia Ferris (Thorny Devils)

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