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League Mixed Doubles Winners

Tuesday was a fun night of darts! Thank you so much to Fred Dryden and volunteers for setting up the boards and running the event. Fred, we salute you! Your commitment to darts and the VDA is above and beyond and you seem to do it effortlessly.

And the winners are!

(we missed some photos but will update as soon as we get missing photos :)

A Division Winners

1st Donna Bisaro & Rob Edgar (Burn Outs)

2nd Jan Hirayama & Brad Peacock (Burn Outs)

Joint 3rd

Bobbi-Jo Moore & Sean Smyth (Thunderbolts)

Suzie Letrud & Roger Bernier (Booze & Arrows)

B Division Winners

1st Tammy Tompkins & Dominic MacQuaig (Flying Aces)

2nd Michelle Rogers & Patrick Woods (142 Shooters)

Joint 3rd

Judy Friel & Dave Mason (Bull Shooters)

Shannon Meagher & Orlando Ekkert (Digeridoos)

Congratulations to winners!

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