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49th & Fraser - Snowball darts

Starting this Sunday we are going to start snowball darts.

Must become a member of the club which is only $20 right now. They can pay the club dues at the door.

We are allowed 20 players only. Cost to play is $20.

We are using 2 boards in the back and will be putting 2 in the front.

They have to let me know by Friday’s if they want to play.

Contact Linda Bale at

Doors are open at noon, we play by one.

Here are the rules

ANAF Unit#26

Governing Rules for Covid-1 FOR DARTS

(1) Players to provide their own darts

(2) One dart thrower standing at each board at any given time.

All other players to remain seated.

(3) Social distancing must be maintained at all times.

(4) Sanitation stations will be provided


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