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Welcome to the Vancouver Dart Association

The Vancouver Dart Association (VDA) is a non-profit society that was established in May 1984 to promote and organise darts in the Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) area. The VDA organises and oversees a Tuesday Night Dart League, which is a fun, recreational dart league for men and women of all abilities.  The VDA also organizes and runs several dart tournaments, including the world ranked Greater Vancouver Open, Canada's largest open dart tournament.


The VDA Tuesday Night Dart League season usually operates from mid September through to late March/early April.  

The Tuesday Night Dart League has been a great way for men & women to enjoy fun, competitive darts in a team format for over 38 years. If you enjoy playing darts, team competition, meeting new people, and are looking to have a lot of fun, VDA’s Tuesday Night Dart League is your perfect score!

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