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GVO Survey Address:

To all of those who attended the 2018 Greater Vancouver Open and to those who took time to fill out our post tournament survey.

Firstly, Thank you for your valuable feedback!!

After reviewing over 70 replies to our 2018 GVO survey, we have committed to address your concern in a real way to make sure the 2019 GVO will be a bigger and better event.

  1. More Boards! We will be setting up more boards next year.

  2. The single events will take precedence! Both ladies and men's singles will start before any other events and run from the stage end out.

  3. It is clear from the survey that we must make the events start at the designated times and run in a more timely fashion. We as an executive are committed to streamline the registration process and ensure that the events are started on time and run smoothly.

  4. Next year we will be trying out a food concession stand run by the hotel. It will be by our bar area and will be open at designated times on Saturday and Sunday.

  5. To make sure the 2019 GVO is an even greater event, we are happy to announce that the purse for next year's event will be increased to 16,000.00 guaranteed payout. Most of the added funds will go into paying out more in the blind draw, doubles and triples events.

  6. It was clear from the survey that the volunteers were greatly appreciated by the players. We could not do this without their help. We thank everyone who helped out this year and we are looking to increase the volunteer base next year by implementing incentives as one of several ways to make this happen.

Without the players, we have no event... without the volunteers, we have no event... without the venue, we have no event. We look forward to working with everyone to put on the best ever GVO in 2019.

Thank you,

VDA Executive

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