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Men's Singles, Women's Doubles Results!

Thank you to all who came out to play and make the night a success!

37 men came out to compete in men's singles.

Women's doubles had 7 teams total... let's get more gals out next year!

We will be discussing format for ladies doubles round robin next year (perhaps only 2 games of 501) to be time efficient. This year the winning teams for Ladies Doubles were taken from the round robin standings as it was getting late and the venue was closing. We are aware that people work on weekdays and will do our best to consider time when deciding future formats.

Attendance points will be added to team scores (up to 5 points per team)

A big thank you to those who volunteered their time to set up/take down the boards and those who helped run the shoot it is very much appreciated!

Congrats to Bruce Adams on winning the 50/50!

And the winners are:

Men's Singles A Divison

1st Sean Smyth (ThunderBolts)

2nd Roger Bernier (Booze & Arrows) (photo missing)

Joint 3rd Kim Eaton (ThunderBolts)

Joint 3rd Trevor Cooper (Booze & Arrows) (photo missing)

Men's Singles B Division

1st Dominic MacCuaig (Flying Aces)

2nd Colin Massie (Thorny Devils)

Joint 3rd Stan Mishkin (Thorny Devils)

Joint 3rd Jonathan Herring (BX A Team) (photo missing)

Women's Doubles (top 4 standings from Round Robin) (no photos)

1st Donna Bisaro and Jan Hirayama (Burn Outs)

2nd Janet Cox and Bobbi-Jo Moore (Thunder Bolts)

* Joint 3rd Suzie Letrud (Booze & Arrows) & Marietta Botwright (BX Airborne)

* Joint 3rd Claudia Ferris & Lana Perault (Thorny Devils)

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