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VDA March Mixed Doubles Tournament

Tuesday, March 26th, VDA March Mixed Doubles Tournament.

Army Navy & Airforce Club Unit No. 26.

Address: 727 E 49th Ave, Vancouver

The event takes place in Mixed Doubles.

Buy-in to Play is $5.00.

Registration Cut off is 6:50 pm

Event Starts at 7:30 pm

There will be a 50/50 to participate in & an optional Snowball buy-in for $5.00.

You can also earn your team a point per player participating in the tournament up to 5 players.

Only current League members are eligible to play for male players.

As we did with last year's Mixed Doubles Tournament, we allow Male players to participate with a female player from outside the league. This is to encourage new female players to join the league and also to boost attendance.


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