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2023-2024 Playoffs

The regular season of the league has been concluded with the VDA March/Mixed Doubles Tournament on March 26th.

The final standings for Division A and Division B are in the Team Standings section. Congratulations to the regular-season winners for both divisions.

Here are some highlights about upcoming playoffs:

  • Teams will be playing regular playoff rules (please see below for points guidance);

  • For Division A; the highest two seeds will get a bye into the semifinals and will meet the lower seeds respectively.

  • There will no longer be a joint third place. The losers of the semifinals will play for third place.

Here are the Playoff brackets, including match dates and locations:

Please refer to the Playoff section of the League Rules

6.2 The first team to get 9 points wins the match.  The format will be:

1 point for each team win.

1 point for each doubles match (best 2 out of 3)

1 point for each singles match (best 2 out of 3)


6.2.1  If the night ends in a tie, a best 2 of 3 match of “601” doubles will be played consisting of 6 players who have played that night to be divided into doubles teams and each double team will play only ONE game each of the best 2 of 3 match. The winner of 2 legs will win the match and the night.

6.2.2 High scores, high finishes and 180’s do not count towards trophies during the playoffs.


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